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Assuring Bacteria-Free Juice Products

Posted by Critical Process Filtration Marketing on Oct 31, 2017 8:24:32 AM


The microorganisms that cause fruit degradation occur naturally and are present in every juice processing operation. Some juice products are pasteurized to kill these organisms and help prevent spoilage. However, the heat used may adversely affect the flavor and overall quality of other juices. Also, not all spoilage organisms are killed by the pasteurization process, so additional methods need to be considered for removing spoilage organisms from juice products.

There are many sources of spoilage microorganisms. The raw juice often carries environmental bacteria, the most common of which are those that cause the fruit to decay in nature. Other bacteria could be carried by sweeteners, flavor enhancers and even by water used as an ingredient or for container washing.

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SUCCESS - Upstream Serum Processing

Posted by Critical Process Filtration Marketing on Oct 24, 2017 8:00:00 AM


Critical Process Filtration's Technical Service Team performs testing for customers all the time. Many of the tests are routine analyses of the particle content or the fluid being filtered or an evaluation of a clogged filter to determine what caused the filter to become clogged, perhaps prematurely. There are other tests, such as chemical compatibility tests and tests in support of validation of a filter for use in a pharmaceutical operation.

Some of our customer tests have been to solve particularly vexing challenges. One of those was a situation that was causing serious operational issues with an animal serum processor. 

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Improving Filter Life

Posted by Critical Process Filtration Marketing on Oct 17, 2017 8:00:00 AM


Most industrial filter users have had times when an individual filter or even a whole system seems to plug too quickly. It feels like they are replacing clogged filters all the time.

Inexperienced filter users might see this as a "failure". On the contrary, the filters are doing their job and removing particles from the fluid stream. The particles are filling the pores of the filter media and reducing the flow. The common term is clogging or plugging the filter. The technical term is "fouling" the filter. No matter what it is called, the filter becomes unusable. If that happens faster than desired, we call it "premature fouling".

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Welcome to Our NEW Blog

Posted by Critical Process Filtration Marketing on Oct 12, 2017 5:06:34 PM

Welcome to the new Critical Process Filtration blog. We will periodically post information here on a variety of topics based on the filtration challenges faced by our customers in a number of different industries.

Our posts are easy to follow and you can look through them using the links to the right ("Recent Posts" and "Topics"). Each article will be tagged with topics like the industries that might use the information, filter application categories and other topic areas like "How-To" or "Problem Solving".

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