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Posted by Critical Process Filtration Marketing on Dec 5, 2017 8:00:00 AM

All of the data generated during the process review (as discussed in a previous post) and the fluid and filter testing results (also in another post) are presented to the customer. The data and test results may lead to a simple change (like adding or changing a filtration step in an existing process), or support the design of a new process system. Of course, the amount of documentation will vary based on the complexity of the actions and the regulatory requirements of the industry, but all documentation is provided to the user.


Once the course of action is chosen, the system must be implemented.


There are several layers of documentation provided. First, the report on the process review. Then the test reports for any particle size analyses, chemical compatibility tests, etc that were done on the fluid. The results of the small scale tests of filter train options are contained in single or multiple reports. Part of the report(s) for the filter train option tests will be a recommendation for the best option.

All of the data reports feed the system design decision making process. The test reports are most helpful in the basic design of which filter media and micron to use. The process review adds the scale (size) of the system, the types of filter formats to use (stainless housings and cartridges or capsule filters) along with the types of controls (sensors, valves, etc) that will assure safe and effective system operation. Any system changes or the proposed new system design becomes the final part of the documentation.

Design Review and System Manufacture

Changing or adding a filtration step in an existing process does not usually require system design review or system manufacture. If it does, then the procedures for new system review and manufacture can be followed.

If a new system is called for, Critical Process Filtration creates detailed system drawings before manufacturing begins. Those drawings are reviewed with the customer, with customer approval required before work begins. For more complex systems, progress reviews may be scheduled to address any potential design or manufacturing issues before they arise.

Once the system is complete at the Critical Process Filtration facility, it is tested, often with the customer present, and the fully operational system is packed for shipment to the customer facility.

Installation, Training and Start-Up

The level of installation support, operator training and/or start-up assistance provided depends on the complexity of the system. For changes to a single filtration step, or simple new systems like 2 small stainless housings with connected piping and valves, the customer may choose to install the system with the standard instructions available from Critical Process Filtration. For large, complex, high-flow systems with digital controls, an installation and training team can be sent to the customer facility to install, the system, train operators and assist in controls integration into facility systems. Critical Process Filtration will work with the customer to provide the appropriate level of technical support and training.


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