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Tools & Support Help You Choose the Right Filter(s) for Your Application

Posted by Critical Process Filtration Marketing on Jan 2, 2018 8:06:05 AM

Whether developing a new filtration process, or evaluating ways to make an existing process more cost-effective, the more tools and information available, the better.

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For both new processes and process improvements, there are several pieces of information needed to support system design decisions. Of course, the chemical characteristics of the fluid to be filtered determine the types of materials that are appropriate. The viscosity of the fluid along with operating parameters such as flow rate, temperature, and system pressure will help determine the number of filters needed. 

Critical Process Filtration has a wide range of tools, information and services to support your system design decisions.

Filter Material Compatibility

Choosing the right materials is critical. The polypropylene cage, core and support materials of both our cartridge and capsule filters have a broad chemical compatibility, but should be evaluated with harsh solvents and some other chemicals. The range of materials used in our filter media and membranes can be found in the numerous data sheets for our products. There should be at least one option compatible with your fluid. If you want us to test compatibility, request a test by filling out the information on a our test request form.

Fluid Particle Load and Filtration Goals

The combination of the particle load of the fluid and your filtration goals will also determine the media and pore size for your filter(s). If you do not know, or are not sure of the number and sizes of particles in your fluid, our Technical Support Team can perform a particle size analysis and recommend filters based on your filtration goals. Request that test using our request form.

Sizing the System

Once you have chosen the filter cartridge or capsule to use,  Use our unique system sizing tools to determine the number of filter elements to use, or the size capsule filter(s) required for smaller scale or disposable systems. All you have to do is enter the fluid viscosity, planned flow rate and desired initial pressure drop across the filter(s) and the tool will give you the number of elements to meet those goals. If calculating the number of cartridge filters for a new system, you can reference our filter housings data sheets to see what size housings will accommodate the required number of filter elements.

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